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What’s New? WE ARE!!!


JULY is SAGE Aesthetics & Wellness Grand Opening Month! SAGE has created a unique MEMBERSHIP so you can save all year round on your beloved services.  We are also offering Grand-Opening Specials so deeply discounted that they will  never be offered again once they end. Visit our specials page to see our amazing deals. Contact Us here and we will add you to our Monthly Newsletter and send you email only offers! Call 575-233-7770 today to schedule your appointment!  

What’s New? WE ARE!!!2018-07-02T18:34:50-06:00

To Peel or Not to Peel…


To begin, not all peels are created equal.  There are those that I like to call "Fluff-n-Puff", which are the quick "peels" or exfoliants found in hair salons, or some spas. These are the peels that are very light penetration, may tingle for just a moment, no visable exfoliation (as in no skin peeling off), and no down-time.  Many spa's will use this type of peel as an "add-on" to a facial.  These light peels require several sessions to see real benefits, and the up side is that you don't have to hide from your friends and family. Fruit based peels like Glycolic or enzyme, and alpha / beta hydroxyPeels fit into this category. Now lets get a little deeper...Moderate depth Peels are those [...]

To Peel or Not to Peel…2018-07-02T18:26:17-06:00

Botox or Fillers…Which is best for my lines?


A very common occurrence in our office is someone that comes in for a consultation for Botox not knowing that what they really need is a filler like Juvederm or Radiesse, or other similar product.  So here is a quick rule of thumb, if your lines or wrinkles look like those around your mouth, like those that start at your nose and frame your mouth, then you need filler - since those lines are caused by a loss of volume in the skin and fillers replace the lost volume.  Also, if you have hallows under your eyes, or your cheeks are thin/flat or even have indentations through them, or an area in your face seems deflated like an old birthday [...]

Botox or Fillers…Which is best for my lines?2019-04-02T08:35:15-06:00
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