A very common occurrence in our office involves someone that comes in for a consultation for Botox, not knowing that what they really need is a filler like Juvederm or Radiesse, or other similar product.  So here is a quick rule of thumb:

Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and others) replace lost volume (think deflated cheeks, lips, and smile lines around the mouth).

Botox (including Xeomin and Dysport) relax muscles and allow the skin above that muscle to smooth out (think forehead and crowsfeet lines).

Therefore, wrinkles caused by a loss of volume in the skin are corrected with fillers that replace the lost volume.  If areas on your face seem like a deflated old birthday party balloon, then …you NEED FILLER.  Think of it as filling a cupcake center with yummy age-erasing frosting that plumps it up to a delicious work of art! Each filler product has different thicknesses to suit different skin area needs, as well as being composed of different components.  The type of product as well as the area it is being injected into also affect the amount of time the filler will last.  Often, several treatments are required.  Click here to find out more about fillers: Fillers

On the other hand, lines caused by constant movement need something that prevents the muscle from being contracted as strongly. Once the skin stops being creased by the muscle movement, it will soften and the appearance of the fine line will diminish.  So if people keep asking you, “Are you mad?”, then you should consider Botox.  Chances are you are squinting often or are very animated when talking so that you have formed lines between your brows or across your upper forehead, even when your face is at rest, which can make your face appear angry.  Click here to find out more about fillers: Botox

Lastly, sometimes you have to use both products in certain areas where the lines were caused by both volume loss and muscle movement. However, usually treating those areas with Botox first, means that you should need less filler to correct the wrinkle.  Ensure to always get a consultation by a board-certified nurse practitioner or doctor before getting either treatment.

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SAGE NP – Aesthetic Gems by: Wendy Rivera – NP-BC