Your Dermal Filler Treatment: What to Expect


1. Select which Dermal Filler is right for you:

During your consultation, you and our healthcare provider will discuss your concern areas, goals, budget, concerns/questions, select a product that fits your needs and create a treatment plan. Restylane, Juvederm , Radiesse, and Belotero are all FDA-approved dermal fillers that consist of substances already richly present in youthful skin. When any of these fillers are injected into the problem areas of the face or hands, they instantly add volume to the area, smoothing out wrinkles, lines, and folds! With just one treatment, you’ll get smooth and natural-looking results. The key is using the right product and right amount of product to bring areas to full correction.

  • Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, and Belotero are all hyaluronic acid-based fillers, and each one provides a different viscosity or thickness, so depending on the line, wrinkle, depth, and location of the area being filled, one may be better suited than the other. You and your Sage Aesthetics & Wellness provider will discuss which is best for you to tailor the treatment to meet your unique needs.
  • With RADIESSE®, you welcome back your own natural collagen to smooth out the signs of aging. That’s because RADIESSE® consists of smooth microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel carrier. Over time, your own soft tissue replaces the gel carrier. The newly formed collagen provides the desired long-term effect. Its unique formulation stimulates collagenesis – the production of new collagen – which results in increased volume for natural looking, longer-lasting wrinkle correction.

FAQ: How many syringes of filler will I need?

The amount of filler needed depends on the depth of the wrinkles/lines being treated or the amount of volume lost in the lips, cheeks, or hands. Everyone is different, and it is important to remember that you lose collagen every year after 30, so one syringe of filler cannot correct multiple areas of the face to full correction. This is why your consultation is so important, as this is when you will discuss your desired areas of correction with our provider and determine a realistic approximation of the amount of filler needed and which product is right for you.

2. Prepare

Pre-Treatment: You should AVOID the following:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol a few days before your treatment as this will thin the blood and increase the risk for bleeding and bruising.
  • We recommend that you avoid any medications that can prolong bleeding, such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs)Excedrin, and Motrin for at least a week prior to receiving the treatment for wrinkles in order to reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site.
  • If you are taking blood thinners, ensure to talk to your prescribing doctor if it is safe for you to stop them before the procedure, and if so when to stop them and when to resume them.
  • You should also stop the following supplements a week prior to your injections as they may also increase bleeding/swelling:  Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Flax oil/seeds, cod liver oil, fish oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, and other essential fatty acids.
  • You should (unless you are allergic) start taking Arnica and Bromelin at least 3 days before your procedure. These aid in reduction of bruising/swelling and help speed up the recovery process. You can usually purchase these in the health food store, or in our office during your consultation, or on the day of your treatment.
  • PLAN AHEAD: We recommend that you schedule your treatment appointment 7-14 days BEFORE any events or special plans to allow time for healing of any bruising/swelling that may occur. By doing this, you can better ensure that you will feel and look camera ready on your special day!

3. The Treatment

The soft tissues of your face will be re-examined to assess the depth of wrinkles and folds to determine the best product, or combination of products, and the amount of product needed to achieve the best possible outcome. This strategy results in “full correction” of the areas in need of treatment, or your areas of focus.

Anesthetic may not be needed as most of our products already contain Lidocaine (a type of anesthetic) in them that numbs the areas being treated; however, if you choose, we may apply a topical anesthetic cream and ice to alleviate any discomfort or simply give you additional peace of mind. We also use a micro-cannula when possible, which decreases trauma to the skin and helps to decrease bruising and swelling that may occur after the procedure.

The procedure itself takes between 30 to 45 minutes depending on how many areas are being treated. It is a simple procedure for trained providers with minimal downtime and without the costs of expensive surgery. The best part is that the results are instant!

You should experience:

  •  a subtle/moderate lift of facial features
  • replenishing and lifting volume in the cheeks
  • lifting the corners and adding volume to the lips
  • brightening and opening the eyes by lifting the brow and under the eye area
  • correcting the jowls
  • correcting facial symmetry
  • defining the jaw line and lifting the neck
  • hands that are more youthful

4. REST/Heal

Immediately Post-Treatment

  • Following some injections, we may massage the area to ensure smoothness, but please avoid manipulating these areas yourself to avoid product migration or unnecessary swelling/bruising.
  • Ice/cold compress may be applied gently over treated areas for the 1st 24-48 hrs after treatment, in 10-15 min increments.
  • Start taking your arnica and bromelin to assist in decreasing swelling or bruising. Apply the topical arnica cream/gel gently with a light touch to the treated areas to form a moderate layer, usually for 7 days.

You should avoid the following for at least 24 hours after treatment:

  • Strenuous exercise
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Exposure to sun or heat or saunas
  • Ibuprofen, blood thinners (unless indicated by your prescribing doctor)

You may experience pain, tenderness, temporary redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, and bumps at the injection sites. Studies have shown that these are usually mild to moderate in nature and clear up on their own in 7-14 days. If you experience swelling at the injection site, you can apply an ice pack in 10-15 min increments. Be sure to report any redness and/or visible swelling that last for more than a few days without improvement, or any other symptoms that cause you concern for any reason.


How long does each type of dermal fillers last?

The average longevity based on full correction (the amount of filler required to totally correct the line, wrinkle or fold) of an area is:

When will I need another treatment?

As the fillers start to lose their efficacy, you can simply return to get re-treated. Some patients return sooner if they want further correction of the treated areas before all of the previous filler is broken down by the body’s natural process so that they take advantage of what they still have.