Liquid Facelift

As we age the skin loses collagen and elasticity and starts to sag. This results in the formation of jowls. We lose volume in the cheeks and temples, resulting in a more flatter and hollow appearance, and the lips become thinner and less defined.

A liquid facelift makes it possible to gently lift the entire face without the need for surgery. This restores the natural, curved contours of the face in a much more subtle and natural way. It can also be used to lift specific facial features depending on the aesthetic harmony of your face. This procedure is for those ready to correct multiple areas at once and get instant gratification. It is achieved by using multiple syringes of dermal fillers in one session, which are precisely placed to lift and contour specific facial areas resulting in a younger, fresher look. This procedure is usually also combined with a neurotoxin  (Botox®, Xeomin, or Dysport) for an even smoother correction and longer-lasting, younger look. Our goal is to give you results that reveal a natural and younger version of you that make people wonder why you look so good!

Liquid Facelift features:

  • A custom treatment designed according to your needs and facial symmetry. It can be used to lift under the eye area, the jowls and curves of the mouth. The eyes can be opened up and brightened, natural shape can be restored in the cheeks and the temples, the chin and jawline can be softened and bumps on the nose can be smoothed.
  • A treatment that uses multiple syringes of different types of product to various areas of the face according to treatment concerns.
  • No surgery or general anesthesia is required, and the dermal fillers contain numbing agents to assist with comfort during the treatment.
  • Shorter recovery period than a traditional face-lift.
  • A treatment for those that are ready to address multiple areas of concern in one treatment session.
  • Treatment time is usually about 1-1.5 hrs.
  • Cost less than expensive traditional surgery.

Treatment Results Include:

  • A subtle/moderate lift of facial features, from forehead to jaw.
  • Replenishing and lifting volume in the cheeks.
  • Lifting the corners and adding volume to the lips.
  • Brightening and opening the eyes by lifting the brow and under the eye area.
  • Correcting the jowls.
  • Correcting facial symmetry.
  • Defining the jaw line.